How to cancel Ourtime account?

There are countless senior singles hunting for a partner offline or online. Some singles manage to find their partner offline, but the majority of the senior singles try their luck on the dating sites. After all Ourtime is the popular senior citizen dating site that is serving senior singles across the world with the help of Ourtime customer support. But hold on, if you have not yet dated anyone in your life, you should be well-prepared for it beforehand.

Here we mean to say that preparing yourself in terms of finding the sole purpose of your dating because the person you are going to meet also has some expectations with you, which is why he/she is decided to date you. So, it’s imperative to clarify some important things before you finally date someone.

Basically, you need to ask yourself some important questions before going for a date. For instance, who and what you are looking for, how important is compatibility for you, are you looking for a life partner or do you want to date just to find someone to spend quality time with you?

Once you have managed to find out the sole purpose of dating, share your purpose with the person you are going date. This will indeed help you end up finding the desired person who will fulfill your expectations for sure. But everything just begins with creating an account on Ourtime. You must have an Ourtime account to reach out right matches.

Senior singles that are new to Ourtime may face problem while creating an Ourtime account. We as notable tech support service providers have come up with the procedure to create an account.

Here is the simple procedure to create an Ourtime account;

  • Navigate Join Free option
  • Click on I am a man seeking women or I am a woman seeking men
  • Click Search Now
  • Choose your country, enter ZiP code and click Keep Going
  • Enter first name, password, and date of birth. Click Keep Going
  • Enter email address and follow the prompt

Once you end up following the prompt, your Ourtime account gets created. On that meanwhile, you will be asked to get membership using your credit or debit card details. Then only, you can start finding the right match for you.

But at the same time, some users are unable to get started because of log-in issues that may occur due to many solid reasons. Before attempting to resolve the login issue, it’s important to figure out the root cause of the issue. Maybe you are typing a wrong password, there may be an internet connection issue, or it is happening because of server errors. Make sure these are not the main cause of the Ourtime Login Password issue before resetting the password.

Below are the steps to reset the forgotten password;

  • Navigate
  • Enter your email address
  • Click Continue (password reset link is sent on your email)
  • Open your inbox, click on Password Reset Link (you will be redirected to Ourtime account page)
  • Enter a new password. Then confirm the password
  • Click Submit

Here are the steps to cancel Ourtime account or turning off automatic renewal;

Being an Ourtime user, one thing is sure that you will end up finding your dream partner very soon. On that meanwhile, you will also end up using Ourtime account. Consequently, canceling the account or turning off the renewal becomes imperative when the sole purpose of joining Ourtime is accomplished. This is why; we have endeavored to help you out in canceling the account.

  • Click your Settings in the upper-right corner
  • Click My Account from the drop-down menu
  • Locate Account Status and click the View Account Status link
  • Click the More Account Status Changes link
  • Click ‘Remove Automatic Renewal’
  • That’s it

If everything goes well or you have managed to finish the procedure without skipping any step, you are supposed to end up canceling the support. Unfortunately, if you still face the issue, we would suggest you get in touch with our experts at Ourtime Phone number.

Why should you get in touch with Ourtime Customer Care?

Not resolving answering the how to cancel our time dating site but also help the Ourtime users to get rid of log-in and other sorts of issues is the key agenda of Ourtime Customer Service which is why the company has hired a sophisticated tech support that has broad experience in handling Ourtime issues and vast knowledge in managing Ourtime account.


Either it is canceling or joining Ourtime, the procedure of both is simple to follow. Unfortunately, things do not turn out well for everyone. This is why, the Ourtime Customer support has come in existence, with its tech support team having a right set of skills and knowledge.

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