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Registered users of SilverSingles are sure to become big beneficiaries with the availability of numerous options of like-minded people. Consequently, chances of finding romantic date increase automatically. The most enchanting feature of registration on this leading dating portal also includes the easy deletion of account. You do not need to pass through the rigid steps to complete this exercise. Follow below mentioned steps to meet the expectations.

  • Visit My Account: It is a free to use convenience. Therefore, you do not need to pay a single dime from the bank savings or pocket. Time limit also does not cause any kind of problem. As per your convenience, you can give it a try at any point of time.
  1. For easy process, you can take mouse to the upper right corner of the account page.
  2. This exercise can be carried out in free state therefore none of hindrance will ever cause any kind of difficulty
  3. Every registered user can reap the benefits of this convenience without any hiccup.
Visit My Account
  • Select “Cancel”: Next to follow is click Cancel. Always make sure that you are satisfied with SilverSingles service and do not want to continue for extended period.
  1. Also ensure, there is no point of issue between you and management/staff.
  2. Unattended issues might cause big problems to you to compromise on several terms.
  3. Without proper solution, management or administration can also take additional help from the authorities to protect their interests and reputation.
  • Provide authentic reason for cancellation and click ‘Continue’: It is very important to provide the authentic reason for account cancellation. Without doing so, website will not let you move further in any case. Keep calm! This exercise is not about creating any kind of problem on any term. As a matter of fact, website administration and concerned departments only want to check whether you get satisfied results or not. Accordingly, they carry out the vital changes in the services and policies to make sure that similar problem is not causing other kinds of problems for existing and other users. Be hopeful of witnessing the significant changes. Website continuously remains eager about improving the services with the positive modifications.
  1. Never keep any kind of doubt or confusion in this regard. Entire process is all about clearing the clutter out of services and intact professionalism.
  2. This uniform exercise is must for everybody. Therefore, never try alternatives to skip in anyway. This approach might cause other sorts of issues.
  3. Keep your reason precise and short so that administration can understand properly to do the needful in the limited time possible.
  • Enter password and ‘Confirm’: Always remember, website maintenance teams never compromise on clients’ satisfaction and website functioning. Just because of this business standard, key official always check the authenticity of your claim. Subsequently, you essentially need to provide the existing password for verification purpose.
click Continue
  1. Verification through this method is inevitable so be assured of not getting cheated, in any way, by miscreants.
  2. This exercise keep your interests intact to make sure that future is completely safe as far as monetary and dating terms are concerned.
  3. Do not to act smartly. This approach might prove problematic on multiple terms.
Thank You
  • You Will Receive Thank You Message: Website properly cheers your association. Due to this approach, concerned department always send Thank You message once you complete the cancellation process as per the stipulated terms and conditions. For being a responsible subscriber, you can revert provide the feedback on the dedicated link. This exercise will exemplify your gratefulness towards and world-class dating services of this online portal.
    1. Always acknowledge Thank You message with befitting reply. However, it is your choice to do significant. According to your comfort level or convenience, you can also skip. There is no liability for you of any kind.
    2. Proper reply to this message will make you a genuine subscriber. In addition, you might get some reward points to use in future or for your friends.
    3. Users do not need to visit another website to give the feedback. This facility is available on official website itself.


    • Hope for a better future: Website obviously wants you to live with delights and stay protected against a number of common or rare problems. In order to show their gratitude, they send you a message across website. Never get anxious on financial terms. They do not charge money in any way. Officials just want to confirm that your account has been successfully liability and now are free to live the benign life with the partner of choice whom you met over ‘SilverSingles’. In addition, they give hint that you can subscribe for the SilverSingles dating services again without any problem whenever you need. None of the points will stop you from subscribing.


    1. Pay attention to this message. It is congratulatory on every term.
    2. Besides, it multiplies the delights of account cancellation.
    3. Post account cancellation, you have no liability towards website for anything.



For the convenience of subscribers, we have defined the entire cancellation process with easy steps. Comply with them without any doubt. This approach is certain to fetch the required results while annihilating the possibilities of all kinds of confusions. Besides, you remain safe against trying the alternatives.
The most convenient way to enjoy romantic and delightful dating is service of SilverSingles. For the same, all singles are suggested to try it once. Registration/Cancellation just requires few minutes. Accordingly, wastage of precious time always remains away to cause time constraint.

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