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Seeking Arrangement users are in millions. Many users raise the issues with the account. Some users don’t know how to reset the password, whereas some users have no idea about how to cancel the Seeking Arrangement membership. Whatever the concern is, Seeking Arrangement Customer service is one-stop solution to every issue.

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Introduction to Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement is a sugar baby and sugar daddy dating site where the users are direct with one another about what they are expecting in the relationship. It was created by Brandon Wade in 2006. It’s an outstanding platform where young women and men meet the sugar daddies and mommas who can fulfill their financial needs. The sugar daddies and mommas expect a good relationship in return.

Seeking arrangement is far beyond the conventional dating sites. Here people are direct. There is no confusion between the partners. It is the best thing about the concept of Seeking Arrangement. The people are clear and honest in the relationship they start from Seeking Arrangement. On the surprising note, there are many instances where people are indulged in a long-term relationship through the Seeking arrangement.

There is a misconception that the people reach out to the Seeking Arrangement only for a short-term relationship. It completely depends on the equation between the partners whether they want take the relationship for a long or they are in a relationship only for a certain period of time.
There are some ethics to follow if you want to have an account on Seeking Arrangement website. The company has set-up some guidelines and some strict rules and regulation. The website is only used for finding the desired partner. Other activities are not allowed on the website.

Below is some piece of information that should not be uploaded on the account

  • Wrong Information
  • Contact Information (last name, phone number, email address, social media usernames, etc.)
  • Links to any other websites
  • Specific monetary amounts
  • Requests for sex or sexually explicit text
  • Commercial activity related information

The recent study shows that a huge number of students have signed up Seeking Arrangement in order to pay their college fees and accomplish other financial needs. On the other hand, a large number of rich and generous professionals have signed up Seeking Arrangement with an aim to find the sugar babies who can understand them and spend quality time with them.

The sugar daddies out there are very generous. They understand how to behave and approach sugar babies. They are clear about what they want and they are willing to fulfill their partner needs. All the users’ profiles are verified. The company is committed to bringing authentic dating opportunities for sugar babies

How to reset the Seeking Arrangement password?

  • Visit your email address
  • Click Send instructions
  • Open your recent email on inbox
  • Click on Reset Your Password (you will be redirected to Seeking Arrangement password recovery page)
  • Enter new password in the box
  • Click Change
  • That’s it

How to deactivate your Seeking arrangement account?

When you have no longer use of Seeking Arrangement, the account must be deleted to ensure your information is no longer available on the site. Your information is subject to big privacy for Seeking Arrangement. Therefore, Seeking Arrangement urges every user to delete the account after finding the partner on the site. The procedure to deactivate the account is given below.

  • Go to the official website of Seeking Arrangement
  • Login your account
  • Click on your user name (right top corner)
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu
  • Click Deactivate on the bottom of the page
  • Confirm

How to restore deactivated Seeking Arrangement?

Unfortunately, if your relationship does not work out just because your equation does not go well with your partner, you should not waste your time. Life is too short to waste the time. So, restore your deactivated account on Seeking Arrangement and begin your search to find sugar daddy if you are a sugar baby.

  • Login to your deactivated account
  • Enter your email address to send reactivate email
  • Open your email and click on the activation link
  • Your account will be restored automatically

Meanwhile, we are always out there to assist you. By the way, you are supposed to reactivate your account. But just in case it does not happen we suggest you get in touch with our team at seeking arrangement customer support. The team includes experienced and knowledgeable tech agents who have served different industries. Now they are with us and offering their services.

Why my account is suspended?

Any suspicious activity happening on account lead to account gets suspended. Once it happens, the users are not allowed to access their accounts. The user information will be available on the site but the user can’t access it until the account is reactivated. The other Seeking Arrangement members will not able to see your account. The message will be land in your account but you can’t see the messages.

Below are the reasons why your account can be suspended;

  • Using abusive and vulgar language with the other members
  • Using the website for getting escort services
  • Any report from the other members
  • Suing the site to encourage prostitution
  • Using the site for advertising purpose
  • Selling videos and pictures
  • Soliciting bank information, password, and other confidential information for business purposes from other members
  • If you are under 18 year old

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The issues regarding Seeking Arrangement service can be shared at our toll-free number. We a leading Seeking Arrangement Customer Support with extensive experience in providing online customer service to dating site users including Seeking Arrangement.

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