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Before we enlighten with the procedure to cancel match, it is important to learn the role of in one’s life.

Dating sites are in vogue. For singles that are kind of introvert or who feel uncomfortable in approaching someone face to face, dating sites are not less than a miracle. Here the singles can easily end up finding their desired partner with whom they wish to spend their whole life. Even though, money is everything. But if you are alone despite having a lot of money, then it is of no use. Happiness basically lies in being with a close one, with whom we can cuddle in the bed, with whom we can have a morning, tea, with whom we can plan a trip, and with whom we can celebrate our festivals. Put simply, life is about a family.

If you keep on finding your special one but not getting any positive outcomes, then dating site can help you out. There are dozens of dating sites claiming to provide better dating opportunities. In this regard, is one of the finest dating sites with millions of subscribers. Signing up is the first step towards finding the life partner.

Once you are logged in, you are one step closer to find your life partner. As it gets done, you will no longer prefer to be a part of On that meanwhile, it will become important for you to learn how to cancel In this post, we have not just come up with a cancellation procedure but we have strived to answer your generic queries.

How to cancel Membership?

  • Navigate, login your account and select the gear icon for settings
  • Select Manage/Cancel Membership
  • Follow the instructions to cancel the membership

That’s all about canceling the membership, but let’s goes back and learns how you can get started on Signing up is not just enough to begin your search. The next step is to get the membership. Getting a membership is imperative to get a positive outcome from As soon as you end up getting the membership, you will be requested to select qualities and characteristics.

The qualities and characteristics include

  • Birthday
  • Username
  • Gender and the gender you’re looking for
  • Email
  • Password
  • Height
  • Zip/postal code
  • Body type
  • Relationship status
  • Do you have any kids?
  • Do you want kids?
  • Education level
  • How often do you drink?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Salary

These are basic qualities and characteristics that you have to answer to have the desired results. Here you can take your time and think wisely before answering. will go through these details so that you can get the right match on your account. Besides, will ask you about your five key interests which include from movies, to videos, cooking, performing arts, traveling, volunteering, and others.

In the next step, wants you to determine what is more important to you. For instance your ideal date, lifestyle, partner personality, etc. at last, brings multiple choice questions to describe you. We suggest
you answer carefully. After all, will prefer a profile for you and enable you to begin your search.

How to reset your Match account password?

Forgetting the account is very common among the users. The users often forget the password and end up losing access to their accounts. understands this point and this is why they have included the password reset procedure. By implementing the password reset tips, the users can get back to their account once again. Below is the password reset procedure for you.

  • Go to in your internet browser and Click Member sign-in
  • On the next page, click Forgot Your Password
  • Click the box labeled ‘Match Account Email” and type your registered email address
  • Click Send Email
  • Log-in to your email id and open the latest email containing password reset link
  • This will take you to the password reset page
  • Enter the new password
  • Retype the new password
  • Click Reset Password
  • Your Match account has now a new password
  • Congrats

You are supposed to get back your account access this way. But if you fail to get back the access even after implementing this procedure, then perhaps they are skipping steps. We insist such users have words with our tech executives who will quickly respond and offer you the right solution to how to cancel Match subscription with minimal efforts.


Here you have learned how to cancel match subscription through the simple procedure. In addition, here you have also learned to get started on Match and resetting the password. Other than this, if you come across any issue, you can get expert help at Match customer service.

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